Loma Linda Farm

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     (828) 421-7922                                                                                               ...in the lap of luxury!
                                                                                                                                        Highlands, North Carolina                   
               in the lap of luxury                             
                            Highlands, North Carolina                                       

                                 Around The Farm 

Beautiful Wiley - our very first guest on the farm

Applejack and Sally

Our pond has lots of fish and frogs and the occasional flock of mallards

Hooligan and Chloe love to run and run and run... and run and run... and run and run...

Taylor knocking the weeds down in June

Spike and Woody are anxious to play outside this morning

The Boarding Cabin a.k.a. "The Dog House"

The babies!

Our beautiful oak barn in June

Baby Purple Martins at 1 week old.  They are growing up fast!

Our Beloved "Smoke"

Camie, you're about gorgeous

You own us, Charlie

Benny and Hooligan out for an early morning run - just a blurrrrr

Sweet Benny

Luna and Benny - good morning!

Benny, Luna, Gracie and Fletcher just chillin' on the deck

Hello Donovan!  Such a good boy

Dooley & Hudson couldn't resist their own personal jacuzzies but it's the horses' water, oh well

Star and Holligan, Perfect Playmates

Our first Black Krim of the season

Such fun playing with Clementine and Malcolm

Paxi, Delia and Cloud - our day care regulars

Precious Nina

Full House 

Nina, Paxi, Delia, Cloud, Lucy, Dixie, Malcolm and Clementine

Dixie and Lucy - ol' pals!

"Oh, Roxie"

Beautiful Lulu enjoys her treats

Good Ole Briar - the gentle giant


Handsome, handsome Dickens!  And the best personality to boot!


Carly is loving the cool weather!

and they're off!

More babies on the way - due November 3, 2012!


Hello, Scout!

Daisy and Sally - too cute!

Aw, good ol' Max, always smiling!

Get the ball, Bentley!  Where did it go, Bella?  Get it!

Little Jasper just taking it easy

Our beautiful Hooligan

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