Loma Linda Farm

lomalindafarm@gmail.com                                                                     leash-free lodging, daycare and pastoral parks 
     (828) 421-7922                                                                                               ...in the lap of luxury!
                                                                                                                                        Highlands, North Carolina                   
               in the lap of luxury                             
                            Highlands, North Carolina                                       


We are conveniently located close to Main Street

just under a mile from Town at:

441 Glen Falls Road

Highlands, North Carolina 28741

Mailing address is PO Box 1453

Highlands, North Carolina 28741


                                               Tours by appointment only

We are a working farm.  As a side, we offer a very small dog boarding service with huge responsibilities.  The safety and well-being for all of our animals is paramount.

When a customer arrives to tour, check-in or check-out their dog, every living thing on the farm is impacted.  Our calm little farm can change drastically with the presence of visitors.  Although well meaning, the frenetic excitement sometimes exchanged between owners, their dogs and the other guests can be overwhelming. 

Preparing for visitors begins at least 30 minutes prior to a scheduled appointment.  All regular farm chores stop and our guests are reeled in from various play yards and confined to small groups away from all entry gates.  We carefully select a few dogs to meet and greet a new guest based on what we feel will be a good companion match.  And then we wait, hope that the arrival is on time, and stand ready.  If a scheduled appointment is even as little as 15 minutes late, our guests have been restricted by as much as 45 minutes. 

Remember: Our boarders are here because we offer them lots of freedom and a stress-free, home-like atmosphere.  Restricting them for any longer than necessary is not in keeping with our philosophy.

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